It's Easy to Invite People
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My hoodie starts the conversation for me

At our Event I had More Conversations

People came to me and asked about my shirt

Welcome Church and Ministry Leaders

If you would like to empower your people to be able to share their faith without the fear, you have come to the right place. We're here to help you build the Kingdom in your area. We make it easy to start authentic conversations about the change that Jesus has made in your people's lives.

This is a FREE program, the only costs is the price of products ordered.

Here's How Faith Shared Easily Can Help Grow Your Church or Ministry

Quick Tips:

Easy Equipping

Sharing your faith is a fundamental skill for every believer, but very few people actually do it regularly. Our program makes it easy by removing the fear.

In just one meeting, you can lead your people through choosing their Impact Word, developing their testimony and making their order.

quick Tips:

Fits into Your Activities

When you're planning an outreach event, our shirts create conversations that may never happen otherwise.

quick Tips:

Teams on Mission

Your core volunteer team is there to share the gospel with visitors and seekers who may show up at your events. Our shirts give them a conversation starter tool.

The Faith Shared Easily Program is FREE!

The only cost is for whatever products your people order. Typically that cost is carried by the individual so you can run this without affecting your budget!


Can I add my church logo?

A. In almost all cases we would recommend NOT adding any type of logo or branding. This is especially important for reaching people who don't go to your church. Everyone is very wary of getting a "sales pitch" and as soon as a logo is added it lowers the authenticity. The only exception could be shirts worn exclusively by your usher team for internal events. We don't provide any customizations of the shirts.

Q. What about people who don't feel that they have a testimony?

A. This is a great opportunity to help them discover their testimony by working one on one with them. One of the great things about this program is that small changes people have experienced are probably more effective than really big miracles. The reason is that the bigger the testimony the more proof is going to be needed for someone to believe you. Please refer to the testimony finder page for our helpful questions to guide your people to finding their story.

Q. Is there any sort of ongoing support?

A. Yes, when someone purchases a product or signs up to our email list they will recieve a series of 3 emails that will help them be able to shorten their story down to 30 seconds or less. We will send out a monthly encouraging newsletter and we also have various social media channels that will help remind people to wear their shirt and provide encouraging testimonies.

Q. Can we just print our own shirts with Faith Shared Easily statement?

A. The great news is you don't have to, we have done all the work for you and made it super easy to order our products. Our Ask Me How I Found statement is a registered trademark, so no we don't allow any unauthorized reproductions or use of our intellectual property without written permission. If you would like to do something that is outside of the products listed just contact us and we are happy to work with you.

Q. Are other languages available?

A. We are starting with English but plan to expand to many other languages. If you would like to request a language just contact us.

Is There a Discount for Bulk Orders?

Yes, at 10% discount will be automatically applied at checkout for orders of 30 units and a 15% discount for orders of 50 units